Portland, OR



Western Political Science Association
Hyatt Regency Hotel at Embarcadero, San Francisco, California
April 6 - 8, 2023

WPSA Annual Meeting News & Updates

Planning for the 2023 Annual Meeting of the Western Political Science Association is continuing to move forward. Acceptance letter have been sent to participants. If you have not heard from us or have questions about your participation, contact Julio Castilleja at info@wpsanet.org.

Register now. If you have not registered yet, please do so soon. Knowing exactly who will be in attendance makes it easier for us to plan and to ensure all the panels are full. Register here: https://www.wpsanet.org/forms/reg_form.php. When you register, consider donating to the association, including to the new Elsa Favila Travel Award. The fund will be used to provide support for conference travel for those needing it.

Book your hotel room with us now. Reservations can now be made at the San Francisco Hyatt Regency. We reserve a finite number of rooms. Booking ahead assures you will get a place. San Francisco is notoriously expensive, but we are offering a good rate of $235 a night. Book your room here: https://www.hyatt.com/en-US/group-booking/SFORS/G-WP23/ATTENDEE.

Join us for these special events. The association will be honoring Elsa Favila at the main WPSA reception on Friday evening. Elsa retired as associate director in October after working for the WPSA for 38 years. This is your chance to say thank you for all she has done. On Thursday evening, we will be having the Award Reception. We will be honoring the multiple groups of editors from Purdue University who helped launch Politics, Groups, and Identities, and then built its stellar representation. Mark your calendar and join us for both events.

Announcement of New PGI Editors

The WPSA is happy to announce the appointment of new editors of Politics, Groups, and Identities, The new team, which began its term on January 1, consists of:

Regina (“Gina”) Branton, co-lead editor, University of North Carolina at Charlotte
Tony Cary, co-lead editor, University of North Texas
Lee Demetrius Walker, associate editor, University of North Texas

The Branton-Cary team is replacing Nadia E. Brown (lead editor), Georgetown University; Ray Block, Jr., Pennsylvania State University; Erin Cassese, University of Delaware; Loren Collingwood, University of California, Riverside; Akwugo Emejulu, University of Warwick; Sarah Allen Gershon, Georgia State University; Magda Hinojosa, Arizona State University; Keisha Lindsay, University of Wisconsin-Madison; Pei-te Lien, University of California, Santa Barbara; Melissa Michelson, Menlo College; Jennifer Piscopo, Occidental College; Laura Sjoberg, University of Florida; Rorie Solberg, Oregon State University; and Christopher Stout, Oregon State University. The association would like to thank Nadia and the other editors for their service. During their tenure, the editors oversaw a continued expansion in the quality and reputation of the quarterly. The association is very appreciative of all that they have done.

WPSA 75th Anniversary Fundraising Campaign Continues

As part of the WPSA’s 75th Anniversary, the association launched a $100,000 fundraising campaign to create a travel endowment. In October, the WPSA executive council voted to name the travel award after Elsa Favila, the association’s long-serving associate director. The association is continuing the fundraising campaign. If you have not contributed yet, please do so. Every year, the WPSA offices get request from graduate students and faculty who do not have the funding to attend the annual meeting. This will enable us to provide some support. Even small contributions are appreciated!!

Donations to the Association can be made on a one-time only basis or spread out over multiple months or years. The WPSA is a 501(c)3 not-for-profit organization; as such, your contributions are fully tax-deductible, as permitted by law. To make a donation, please visit the WPSA website at: https://www.wpsanet.org/about/donate.php.