The Asian Pacific American Caucus

The Asian Pacific American Caucus (APAC) is a conference group of individuals who meet annually during professional meetings. Membership is free and open to all who share an interest in the teaching and learning of Asian Pacific American political affairs and community-based activism. Our members are typically affiliated with colleges and universities as faculty, staff, or graduate/undergraduate students. We also welcome partnership with community activists and organizational leaders. The APAC was co-founded in 1999 by Professors Andrew Aoki and Pei-te Lien as a related group of the American Political Science Association(APSA) that has a close relationship to the Race, Ethnicity, and Politics Section of the APSA. Starting in 2012, with the preparation and founding of the WPSA Committee on the Status of Asian Pacific Americans in the Profession, we have held a mini-conference on APA politics during WPSA meetings.

Conference Group on Environmental Political Theory

The Environmental Political Theory (EPT) group gathers together activists and scholars who are interested in what political theory can contribute to larger policy debates and intellectual discussions about environmental issues. Since 2002, this group has held a daylong workshop in conjunction with Western Political Science Association annual meetings. While the EPT is not a formal part of the WPSA, the association routinely features an entire conference section devoted to environmental political theory. The association also gives out an award for an outstanding paper presented at the conference on this topic.

WPSA Caucus for Women and Gender Justice

The WPSA Caucus for Women and Gender Justice is non-profit organization dedicated to improving the status of women in the profession of political science and promoting gender justice. The caucus is not formally tied to the WPSA, but it works closely with the association and meets at the WPSA's annual meeting.

WPSA Community College Committee

The WPSA Community College Committee is an official WPSA committee. Created by the WPSA Executive Council in 2020, the committee works to develop and promote activities concerning the professional development of community college faculty (CCF) within the discipline. The committee’s role is to encourage communication among CCF, to review the status of CCF on a regular basis, and to make recommendations to the council addressing issues and concerns related to CCF. The committee assists in the promotion of CCF by proposing and organizing the annual mini-conference, as well as by suggesting special panels or roundtables to section chairs of the annual meeting. The Community College Committee web page provides more details about the history of the committee and its efforts to ensure better service in the discipline to community college faculty.