WPSA Annual Meeting
March 28-30, 2024
Hyatt Regency, Vancouver, British Columbia

Why exhibit, advertise, or help sponsor the WPSA?

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Why exhibit, advertise, or help sponsor the WPSA?

Throughout the last decade, the Western Political Science Association saw continuous growth, reaching close to 1400 participants at our 2019 annual meeting. We saw a drop during the pandemic, as other educational associations did, but we are coming back strong and are anticipating more than 1200 participants at our in-person Vancouver conference in 2024. The annual meeting attracts scholars from research areas across the discipline, though it is particularly strong in some fields, including political theory; race, ethnicity, gender, and intersectionality studies; environmental politics; environmental political theory; and alternative research methods.

Exhibiting, advertising, and sponsorship provide exposure about your organization to our attendees and members. At the same time, your funding provides support for the study and teaching of government and politics, enables us to hold our annual conference, and helps underwrite a range of special events that bring scholars together, including guest talks, receptions, and reduced rates for attendees who need support.

The WPSA offers some of the lowest rates for advertising, exhibiting, and sponsorships among political science associations, while providing personal attention.

Exhibitor Opportunities Deadline: February 1, 2024

Tables staffed by Publisher's Representative:

  • Individual 6' draped table $550.00
  • Twin 6' tables arranged side by side $750.00
  • Three 6' tables arranged in a "U" or "L" $850.00
  • Purchase of any of these options includes two complimentary registrations, acknowledgement in the program and other communications with members; and name with link to organization on our webpage. The exhibitor tables are located near the conference registration and in the central part of the meeting space, providing a continuous flow of traffic.

Tables Staffed by WPSA: If your organization is unable to send a staff member and you wish to have books displayed, we will create a table display for this purpose. Individual titles: For this service, we ask a $60.00 fee per title and the donation of the books for our graduate students. Group display: For $450.00, we will provide a tabletop display of four or more titles from the same source grouped under the company name and a full-page advertisement in our program.

Titles for WPSA Authors: The WPSA has an exhibit table devoted to WPSA authors. If you are a publisher and one of your authors has ties to the WPSA, we would encourage you to consider displaying the author’s book at this exhibit table. The cost of exhibiting is the same as for the general table staffed by the WPSA ($60 fee per title). This is a good way to give recognition to WPSA authors and to reach an interested market.

Book Roundtables/Author-Meets-Critic: Each year, several roundtable discussions are presented at the annual meeting in which the participants discuss a significant book in the discipline or where an author meets with a group of panelists to discuss her or his book. If you are a publisher and one of your titles is the focus of a Roundtable discussion or an Author-Meets-Critic panel, we encourage you to consider running an advertisement for the book in the program, along with information on the time and location of the discussion or panel. If you are not planning to attend the conference in person, then the title can be displayed at the table staffed by the WPSA. This is a good way to encourage more awareness of your titles that have made a critical contribution to the discipline.

Miscellaneous Exhibits: Copies of journals, fliers and order forms are also displayed and staffed for a $60.00 fee.

Application Form

Advertising OpportunitiesDeadline: February 1, 2024

Advertisements in Our Online Convention Program

  • Full page $325.00
  • Inside front or inside back cover $400.00
  • Back cover $450.00

Combination Advertisement and Exhibitor Table

  • 1 table and 1 full-page advertisement $625.00

Along with the placement of the ad, all advertisers are recognized on our webpage and in other communications with members.

Application Form


The WPSA provides a variety of means to help underwrite our expenses at the annual conference, which helps support our activities, makes a more meaningful conference experience, and attracts a wider, more diverse group of attendees. All sponsors are recognized in the program and on our webpage. Custom sponsorships are available.

Support Material

  • Name Badges $1,000
  • Lanyards $1,000

Workshops and Mini-Conferences

  • Asian Pacific American Politics Mini-Conference $1,500
  • Community College Mini-Conference $1,500
  • Environmental Political Theory Pre-Conference Workshop $1,500
  • Feminist Theory Pre-Conference Workshop $1,500
  • Interpretive Methods Workshop $1,500
  • Latina/o Pre-Conference Workshop $1,500
  • Other sponsored workshops or mini-conferences $1,500+

Special Events, Panels, and Exhibit Space

  • Coffee/Snacks at Exhibit Hall No Set Price
  • Graduate Student Reception $6,000
  • Meet the Editors Roundtable $1,000
  • Methods Café $1,000
  • WPSA Key Note Address $1,000
  • Other Sponsored Panels or Roundtables $1,000+

Awards Ceremony and Reception

  • Platinum Sponsor $10,000
  • Gold Sponsor $5,000
  • Silver Sponsor $2,500

WPSA Welcome Reception

  • Platinum Sponsor $10,000
  • Gold Sponsor $5,000
  • Silver Sponsor $2,500

For sponsorship information, contact Richard Clucas at hprc@pdx.edu

Further Information

For more information or to begin exhibiting, advertising, or sponsoring, contact Julio Castilleja at info@wpsanet.org.