April 18 - 20, 2019, Manchester Grand Hyatt Hotel
San Diego, California

The Western Political Science Association will host its 2019 annual meeting at the Manchester Grand Hyatt hotel in San Diego, California. Please make plans to attend and encourage others to join us!

The DEADLINE for submission of paper proposals/program participation forms will be September 21, 2018.

If you are interested in shaping the content of the program by serving as a section chair, please contact:

Jamie Mayerfeld
2019 WPSA Program Chair
University of Washington
Email: jasonm@u.washington.edu


Meeting in Paris in 2015, nations committed themselves to keep the rise of the world’s temperature well below 2 degrees Celsius (compared to pre-industrial levels), and to strive to limit the increase to only 1.5 degrees. Most climate experts agree that if we fail to meet this target, we risk catastrophic costs to humanity and nonhuman life. A middle-of-the-road view holds that to meet this target, we must peak greenhouse gas emissions in the next few years, and reduce net emissions to zero or close to zero rapidly thereafter (no more than a few decades).

The necessary reductions will require significant global cooperation, and further action is needed to adapt to impacts of anthropogenic climate change that are already underway. However, international and domestic efforts over the past quarter century have come nowhere near what is required on either front.

Meeting this challenge requires concerted action in multiple domains, including international relations, domestic politics, the economy, law, technology, education, and the cultural sphere. Though political scientists (including WPSA participants) have made important contributions to our understanding of the problem, the attention devoted by the field as a whole remains inadequate, and the subject often receives limited coverage in undergraduate and graduate curricula.

The problem engages all subfields of our discipline. We need the insights of those who study national and local politics, international cooperation, domestic and international law, policy processes, public opinion, science and politics, politics and technology, environmental justice, social movements, corporate responsibility, migration and refugees, political ideology, global justice, and moral theory, among other topics.

We invite proposals that enhance our understanding of the politics of climate change – why the world has not risen to the challenge and what needs to be done. Discussions of any aspect of the subject are welcome. We encourage both scholarly works and discussions of curricular and pedagogical strategy.

Please note: All participants in the program are required to preregister for the 2019 WPSA meeting by December 31, 2018.