For thirty-eight years, Elsa Favila worked tirelessly to ensure the success of the WPSA, organizing our annual conference, handling a myriad of administrative responsibilities, and answering a constant stream of email questions and concerns. Above all else, she was passionate about helping WPSA members.

In recognition of Elsa’s long dedication to the WPSA and its members, the WPSA Executive Council named our newly-created travel award program after her. The funding for the program is entirely from donations. If you are able, we encourage you to donate to the program so that others can attend the annual association meeting. Donations can be made here or when you register for the conference.

Here is information about the awards and how to apply.

TYPES OF AWARDS: Two types of awards are given out: cash and reduced hotel guest room rates. The cash rewards are for $250 each. The association is also providing a limited number of guest rooms at 50 percent off of the regular price.

NUMBER OF AWARDS TO BE GIVEN OUT: The amount given out in cash awards depends on the success of the award endowment. As an endowment, we can only distribute the money generated by interest. Since the fund is new, the amount will likely be limited in the first few years. Of course, we are still trying to raise funds for the program. As the program grows, we hope to make more awards available. We will know better in the fall as to the number of cash and half-priced guest rooms that are available for next year’s conference.


CRITERIA: The recipients have to (1) be members of the association; (2) attend the conference in person; and (3) participate as a paper presenter, discussant, or in another capacity that entails considerable work at the meeting. Members cannot receive the award if their only participation is as a panel chair. Previous travel award recipients are not eligible to receive a second award.

PRIORITIES IN SELECTION: Priority in distributing the award will be given to participants who need financial support in order to attend the conference. Particular attention should be given to graduate students, faculty who receive limited or no support from their institutions, contingent faculty, unemployed political scientists, and members from underrepresented groups.

RECEIVING FUNDS: After the conference, award recipients need to submit their receipts to the WPSA Executive Director to receive the awarded funds.

The application forms will be made available online in December.